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Welcome to our WebTV Page,  What is Webtv you may ask.  Well this page will explain it to you.  Enjoy and come again.. Aloha!

What is Webtv?

Imagine sitting in your comfortable recliner, surfing the internet.  Hard to believe but it's true.  With the Webtv Internet Terminal you can do just that.  You get your own internet E-Mail address through webtv,  The easiest hook-up ever, no need to worry about hooking up monitors to their CPU's and all that other great stuff that come with owning your own computer.  Take it from me, I know, I own both a Webtv Terminal and a computer.  And to be totally honest it is so much easier to hook up a webtv terminal.  Also you don't have to worry about losing that important information .   If you have call waiting service,  The Line share with Webtv automatically suspends your Web TV connection when a call comes in; it rings the phone for you, then re-establishes your Web TV connection when you've finished the call.   Now with all that great features of Webtv, what are you waiting for,  go ahead and pick up one for yourself.  And experience all these great features that only come with the Webtv Terminal.

Where can you buy Webtv from?

Click Here to buy a Webtv


Feature# 1
Great E-Mail

Feature# 2
Kid Safe

Feature# 3
1 Button Internet Accesss


Feature# 4

Line Share


And so much more features


WebTV Hawaii